Welcome to the Mohr Group!
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We are a research group specializing in synthetic organic chemistry. Our research focuses on reaction discovery, methodology development, mechanistic study, and natural product total synthesis.
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From Left to Right: Rida, Fatima, Sara, Sebastian, Corey, Justin, Gena, Mihir, Anh, Daria, Sruthi

Jul 2018
Jenny defended her thesis and is off to Yale! Good luck, Dr. Martinez!!

A long while in the making, have a look at the formal enantioselective synthesis of (–)-platencin to be included in a special issue of Synthesis in honor of Prof. Scott Denmark!
May 2018
Nabeelah successfully defended her thesis! Good luck at Merck, Dr. Kauser!!

Rida was selected for a LASURI Award from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Congrats, Rida!!

Cogratulations to all the spring 2018 graduates from the Mohr group: Nate, Kayla, and Meng!
Apr 2018
Kayla was awarded an Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation!! Way to go, Kayla!!
Mar 2018
Congratulations to Nabeelah for earning a poster award at the 2018 FloHet Conference!

Our latest paper describing our effort toward the total synthesis of aeroplysinin has been accepted! Have a look at the special issue of ARKIVOC in honor of Prof. Gordon Gribble. Congrats, Gena!
Jan 2018
Meng successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Zhao!!

JT will speak at the 2018 FloHet Conference at the University of Florida, and Jenny and Nabeelah will present posters. If you are going to be there, come by and say hello!
Nov 2017
We welcome new graduate students Sruthi Mohan and Sebastian Marquez to the group!
Sep 2017
Join us for the 8th Chicago Organic Symposium at UIC on Sep 30! This is a free event with a great program, and a fantastic opportunity to network with chemists in the Chicago area.

Our paper on Ag-mediated fluorination via cyclopropanol opening is online! Find it on our publications page.
Aug 2017
Yuanlin successfully defended his Ph. D. thesis! Congrats, Dr. Deng!
Jul 2017
Joel joins the group and is pursuing a new natural product. Good luck, Joel!
Jun 2017
Several group members will attend the 2017 National Organic Symposium in Davis, CA. We look forwarded to meeting new people and talking science! Please come by our posters if you will be there.

Our synthesis of ilicicolinic acid was highlighted on! Have a look at our paper and the highlight!
May 2017
Jenny received a Freud Graduate Research Fellowship – Congrats, Jenny!
Apr 2017
Congrats to Kayla Storme who has received a LASURI award to support her research in the group!

Nathan joins the group to work with Corey on catalyst discovery. Welcome!

Hamza and Adrian presented at the UIC Student Research Forum – Excellent research this year!!
Jan 2017
The lab has been earned a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation!!! This will provide funding for our research for the next few years as well as enable our group to continue outreach efforts promoting science learning. Thanks to all of the hard work of our lab members! (Here is a press release highlighting the two NSF CAREER Awards for UIC Chemistry this year)
Dec 2016
Meng's manuscript on V-catalyzed halogenation has been accepted in Tetrahedron! See our publications page for more information. Well done, Meng!

Xiaoguang Liu (Ph. D.) and Sun Choi (B. Sc.) participated in winter graduation ceremonies! Congrats to both of you!
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Nov 2016
JT travels to Chengdu, China to visit Southwest University for Nationalities, Southwest Petroleum University, and Sichuan University. Thanks to all those who helped organize and host the trip – A fantastic experience and the beginning of international partnerships!
Sep 2016
Gena's work on the synthesis of farnesylated resorcinol natural products has been accepted to Org. Lett.! See our publications page for details. Great work, Gena!
June 2016
Our paper on Mn-mediated oxidative coupling has been published in Org. Lett.! See our publications page for details. Great work Xiaoguang and Xiaohong!

We welcome two undergraduate researchers to the lab – Kayla Storme and Reggie Holifield!

Congratulations to Dr. Xiaoguang Liu – the first student to earn a Ph.D. in the Mohr group!
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May 2016
Our paper on Cu-catalyzed enone alkylation has been accepted to J. Am. Chem. Soc.! See our publications page for details. Congrats to Xiaohong and Xiaoguang!!!

Corey passed his prelim exam – way to go!