Current Group Members
Principle Investigator
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Justin T. Mohr

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago (2012–present)
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009–2012) (with Prof. Gregory C. Fu)
Ph. D., California Institute of Technology (2003–2009) (with Prof. Brian M. Stoltz)
A. B., Dartmouth College (1999–2003) (with Prof. Gordon W. Gribble)

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Graduate Students
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Jenny Martinez

B. Sc., University of Illinois at Chicago (2008–2012) (with Prof. Duncan Wardrop)

Mohr Group 2012–present

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Nabeelah Kauser

B. Sc., Benedictine University (2010–2012)
New York University (2008–2010)

Mohr Group 2012–present

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Gennadii Grabovyi

M. Sc., Moscow State University (2010–2012) (with Prof. Irina P. Beletskaya)
B. Sc., Moscow State University (2007–2010)

Mohr Group 2013–present

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Meng Zhao

B. Sc., Nankai University, China (2008–2012) (with Prof. Xinlin Yang)

Mohr Group 2013–present

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Corey Yarbrough

B. Sc., University of Illinois at Chicago (2011–2014) (with Prof. Vladimir Gevorgyan)
Harper College (2009–2011)

Mohr Group 2014–present

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Sruthi Mohan

Mohr Group 2017–present

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Sebastian Marquez

Mohr Group 2017–present

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Visiting Students
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Joel Schoenburg

B. Sc., DePaul University (with Prof. Richard Hudson)
University of Illinois at Chicago (2017–present)

Mohr Group 2017–present
Undergraduate Students
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Kayla Storme

University of Illinois at Chicago (2015–present)

Mohr Group 2016–present
Paaren Undergraduate Scholarship (2015)
Liberal Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative (LASURI) Award Recipient (2017)
Howard L. Kaufman Undergraduate Student Research Award (2017)
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Nathan Bosse

University of Illinois at Chicago (2014–present)

Mohr Group 2017–present
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Cole Wagner

Harper College
Hope College (summer research with Prof. Jeff Johnson)
University of Illinois at Chicago (2017–present)

Mohr Group 2017–present
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Rida Khan

University of Illinois at Chicago (2016–present)

Mohr Group 2018–present
Prospective Co-Workers
Postdoctoral Associates
At this time no funded postdoctoral positions are available.

Applications for prospective postdoctoral associates may be submitted to Prof. Mohr by paper mail (preferred) or email.

Applicants must complete studies for a Ph.D. degree in chemistry by the time of appointment and should have demonstrated experience in laboratory research as well as a track record of scholarly work. Familiarity with enantioselective methods, catalysis, or multi-step synthesis is a plus. Interested individuals should submit a cover letter, a CV including a list of publications, a research summary, and arrange for letters of recommendation to be sent by mail. Please identify potential funding sources, a statement of career goals, and indicate an approximate start date.
Graduate Students
Potential graduate students must be accepted by the UIC Department of Chemistry. More information on admission requirements can be found here.

Prospective students should possess a basic knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry and be committed to pursuing intensive laboratory research in order to complete their dissertation.
Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students interested in pursuing laboratory research are encouraged to contact Prof. Mohr by email to arrange a meeting. Students must complete Chem 232–234 prior to beginning research. Preference will be give to students that have completed upper level chemistry coursework and laboratory experience. See our posting on the UIC URE website for more details.