Science TA Office Hours

TA Office Hours-Fall 2017
The Science Learning Center is partitioned into several areas with tables and whiteboards. Each of these areas is named after a famous scientist, for example, the Marie Curie Room. Chemistry TA's are scheduled for their office hours in the Marie Curie Room and Barbara McClintock Room. Physics TA's will be in the Newton room and the Bohr Room. Biology professors and TAs as well as peer-led study groups can be found in the Darwin Room.

Click on the below room name to download the weekly schedule of office hours held by TAs in that room. NOTE: These schedules, which have been put up in the second week of the semester, MAY CHANGE.

SES 221 (SLC Clasroom) is open!

Chem 101 TA office hours and Peer Leaders
Schedules subject to change
Chem 122 and TA office hours and Peer Leaders
Schedules subject to change
Schedules subject to change
Physics tutors are in the Bohr and Newton carrels, Physics peer leading in SES 221 (SLC CLassroom)
Biology TAs (all classes )and Peer Leaders(Bios 100 only)
Biology TAs meet in Darwin unless otherwise noted
Organic Chemistry TAs (232, 233, and 234) and Peer Leaders
Organic Chemistry TA office hours and peer leading scheduled in SES 221
Schedules by Carrel: Darwin Pasteur McClintock Curie

Schedules for other courses can be obtained by contacting your instructor.