Petr Král Research Group
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois at Chicago
Prof. Petr Král
Professor Král E-mail: pkral at
Phone: (312)996-6318

 Prof. Youguo Yan (2015-2016)
China University of Petroleum
Email: guozi9061 at
Wen Li Wen Li (grad. stud.)
Email: wenli0720 at
Wen Li Haiqi Gao (grad. stud.)
Email: gaohaiqi7 at

Graduate Students
Yanxiao Han Yanxiao Han
Email: yhan57 at
Pavel Rehak Pavel Rehak
Email: prehak2 at
Sanoj Raj Sanoj Raj
Email: sanoj at
Daria Galaktionova Daria Galaktionova
dgalak2 at

Former Postdoctoral and Graduate Research Fellows
Stanislav Stoyanov Dr. Stanislav Stoyanov
Assistant Research Officer,
NINT and University of Alberta,
Dominic Esan Dominic Esan
Nikita Repnin Nikita Repnin
Cong (Scott) Wang Cong Wang (Scott)
Aayush Gupta Aayush Gupta

Former Graduate Students
Boyang Wang Dr. Boyang Wang
Associate Professor,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Alexey Titov Dr. Alexey Titov
Research Associate,
UIUC and Stanford University,
John T. Russell Dr. John T. Russell
Postdoctoral, Argone National Laboratory
AAAS Science and Technology Policy
fellowship for Big Data and Analytics;
Advanced Scientific Computing Research
group in the Office of Science at DOE,
Washington D.C.
Lela Vukovic Dr. Lela Vukovic
Postdoctoral, UIUC,
Assistant Professor, UTEP
Niladri Patra Dr. Niladri Patra
Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT and LBL,
Assistant Professor, IIT India
Artem Baskin Dr. Artem Baskin
Postdoctoral Fellow,
Molecular Foundry,
Berkeley Lab

Henry Chan Dr. Henry Chan
Postdoctoral Fellow,
Argone National Laboratory
Soumyo Sen Dr. Soumyo Sen
Email: ssen5 at

Former Master Students
Yuanbo Song Yuanbo Song
master student,
UIC bioinformatics
Irena Yzeiri Irena Yzeiri
college teacher
Shanshan Wu Shanshan Wu
PhD student,
UIC bioengineering

Former Undergraduate Students
Kyaw Sint Kyaw Sint
graduate student,
Yale University
Liz Vokac Liz Vokac
graduate student,
University of Texas, Austin
Ryan Pearson Ryan Pearson
graduate student,
College of Pharmacy, UIC
Neil Shah Neil Shah
MD at Rosalind Franklin University
Antonett Madriaga Antonett Madriaga
graduate student,
College of Pharmacy, UIC
Wai Yip Lo Wai Yip Lo
graduate student,
University of Chicago
Alan T. Tang Alan T. Tang
MD/PhD graduate student,
University of Pennsylvania
Mena Poonaki Mena Poonaki
graduate student,
Marilyn Gaske Marilyn Gaske
Pharm. D. student,
Collin Pearsall Collin Pearsall
Ishai Strauss Ishai Strauss
Alexander Crocker Alexander Crocker
Thomas Insley Thomas Insley