Petr Král Research Group
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois at Chicago
We acknowledge the generous support obtained from:

General Funding:
Startup Funding, UIC
Bridge Funding UIC
ACS Petroleum Research Fund
National Science Foundation (CBET)
National Science Foundation (DMR-CDMR)
National Science Foundation (DMR-CMMT)
UIC LAS Award for Faculty in the Sciences

Graduate Funding:
DAAD Research Grant (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG)
UIC Dean's Scholar Award
Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship
Herbert E. Paaren Graduate Fellowship
ANL/UIC shared funding
Bodmer International Travel Award

Undergraduate Funding:
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Honorable Mention by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Committee
The ACS Membership Award
Chancellor Undergraduate Research Award
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative (LASURI)
Benjamin B. Freud for Scientific Excellence Scholarship
Ronald J. Baumgarten ("RJB") Award
Herbert E. Paaren Summer Research Award
Herbert E. Paaren Academic Year Research Award
Sarah Madonna Kabbes Scholarship for Undergraduate Research
UIC Leonard Kotin Award
UIC Scholarship Association Award