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  Science History Tours explore points of interest to science professionals, historians and amateurs (in the true sense of the word). This year takes us from Rome to the Lake Como region with side trips to historic locations along the way. [Red markers indicate lodging; yellow markers indicate a day trip; blue markers denote general information.]

2010 Science History Tour - Italy

Info on our 2009 Science History Tour - England

Info on our 2008 Science History Tour - France

John Oliver is our trip photographer.
     Hundreds of his excellent captioned photos from a number of trips can be found by clicking here.

David Katz PowerPoint presentations on a number of our trips

Info on our 2007 Science History Tour- Scandinavia

Scientists who shaped our understanding of the world1

Age of the Earth 2006 trip

You will find information on the 2006 trip to Northern England/Scotland by clicking here.

2005 Group Exploring the Chemical Collections at the Technical University in Dresden

2005 Powerpoint of trip by Cecilia Sehr.

You will find information on the 2005 trip to Germany by clicking here.

You will find information on the 2004 trip to Germany by clicking here.

orange_ball 2004 PowerPoint on Justus von Liebig

orange_ball Weird Science History of Chemistry links for summer workshop 2003 at UIC

You will find information on the 2003 trip to Netherlands, Belgium and London by clicking here.

PDF Powerpoint of 2002 of trip to France by Rhonda Reist click here

You will find information on the 2002 trip to France and Switzerland by clicking here.

You will find information on the Ireland trip by clicking here.

You will find a presentation on the 1999 trip by clicking here.

Movie of Trinity College

You will find information on the 2001 trip by clicking here.

1997 Trip


Here are some interesting links with more information on the ideas and pictures found on the power point:

Birr Castle http://ireland.iol.ie/birr-castle/index.html

Trinity College Dublin http://www.tcd.ie/

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich http://www.nmm.ac.uk/

Cambridge University http://www.cam.ac.uk/

Oxford University http://www.ox.ac.uk/

Royal Institution http://www.ri.ac.uk/Welcome_Intro.html

Royal Society http://www.royalsoc.ac.uk/

Island Ireland http://www.islandireland.com/

A Taste of Ireland http://www.tasteofireland.com/

Whipple Museum›

More on the Whipple Museum http://www.hps.cam.ac.uk/Info.html

Isaac Newton Resources http://www.newton.cam.ac.uk/newton.html

The big honkin site of history of science links


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