Marek's Summer Organic FUN!
We did not cover all the organic chapter this year because of so many interruptions to the teaching day.  You will need to learn it on your own. It is not that hard.  Trust me!  For help on organic go to the web sites listed below.  This list in on my web site.

Organic chemistry, at least at this level, has no math in it.  But do do have to KNOW stuff, you must memorize the first 10 alkanes.  Here is a way to remember the first 10 alkanes.  The first letter of each word in the following dorky statement is the 1st letter of each of the 10 alkanes in order.
Mary Eats Peaches, But Paul Has Had Only Nine Donuts.
Memorize them now! Make flashcards.Flash yourself! The following page list the alkanes.

A good web site is at Purdue to learn about nomenclature [fancy word for naming compounds]. Look under Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes

A more advance site on naming, nomenclature,  can be found here.

A great over view of all of organic can be found at Chemystery


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