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Research Advisor

Vladimir Gevorgyan
Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences

BSc, Kuban State University, 1978.
PhD, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, 1984.
Group Leader, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, 1986-1991.
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Tohoku University, 1992-1993.
Ciba-Geigy International Postdoctoral Fellow, Tohoku University, 1993-1994.
Visiting Professor, CNR, Bologna, 1995.
Assistant Professor, Tohoku University, 1996.
Associate Professor, Tohoku University, 1997-1999.
Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1999-2003.
Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003-present.
UIC Researcher of the Year, 2008.
Honorary Professor of St. Petersburg State University, 2012.
Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2012.
University Scholar (University of Illinois), 2012.
Visiting Professor, Sorbonne Universities, Paris, 2014.
Lilly Lectureship at Imperial College London, London, 2015.
Foreign Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, 2016.

Contacting Information
Phone: (312) 355-3579
Fax: (312) 355-0836
Department of Chemistry (MC 111)
845 W Taylor St., RM 4500
Chicago, IL, 60607 USA
Postdoctoral Researchers
Yadagiri Dongari
BSc, Osmaina University.
MSc, Kakatiya University.
PhD, IIT Madras.

Graduate Students
Padon Chuentragool
BSc, Chulalongkorn University.
MSc, Chulalongkorn University.
Maxim Ratushnyy
BSc, Moscow State University.
Daria Kurandina
BSc, Saint Petersburg State University.
Daniel Eichler

BSc, University of illinois at Chicago.
MSc, Northwestern University.

Nikita Kvasovs
BSc, University of Latvia.
Monica Rivas
BSc, University of Central Florida.
Sumon Sarkar

BSc, Jadavpur University.
MSc, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

Ziyan Zhang

BSc, Beijing Technology and Business University.

Visiting Researchers

Taiki Morita

BSc, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
MSc, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Keiichi Hayama

BSc, Hokkaido University.
MSc, Hokkaido University.

Maxim Radzhabov
BSc, Higher Chemical College RAS.
Shadi Assaf
BSc, University of Illinois at Chicago.
MSc, DePaul University.
Physical Sciences Faculty at Olive-Harvey College.

Undergraduate Students
Yana McAuliff
BSc, University of Illinois at Chicago.
Monika Kamenova
BSc, University of Illinois at Chicago.
Mirela Sparano
Olive Harvey College.
Michael Buck
Olive Harvey College.
Former Undergraduate Students
Ishmael L. Ochir
BSc, Olive Harvey College.
Katrina Randle
BSc, Olive Harvey College.
Faraj Mahchi
BSc, Wilbur Wright College.
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