Latest News

Oct. 2015 - Congratulations! Weiying Zhu successfully defended his thesis on reduced lysozyme refolding in lipids and surfactants plus dental collagen studies. He is currently looking for a new position

June 2015 - Congratulations! Ge Zhang successfully defended her thesis on b-lactoglobin interaction with lipids, insulin fibrils with DMSO and a new Omp protein refolding. She is currently postdocing in UIC extending the Omp studies with the Jie Liang group in Bioenginering, UIC

August 2014 - Congratulations! Anjan Roy successfully defends his thesis on simulating IR/VCD and developing a laser trap Raman microscope. After a few months at Biotools, he has taken a position developing Raman at Ondax in California

Sept. 2014 - Congratulations, Ahmed Lakhani takes a tenure track positon at Calumet St. Josephs College,

June 2014 - Tim Keiderling becomes emeritus Professor, although reducing scope while retired he still has a lab and office and will be writing papers, collaborating and conducting research

Sept. 2013 - Congratulations Jan Kubelka promoted to Associate Professor, Univ. Wyoming

July 2013 - Congratulations! Heng (Aurora) Chi successfully defends thesis on PPII and hairpin peptide models, folding, isotopes and aggregation. She is currently on the faculty of Jiangsu Pharmeceutical College, Huai'an, China

October 2011, - Congratulations to Dr.Ahmed Lakhani on defending his thesis!.He is now a lecturer in Chemistry at UIC.

July 20, 2010 - Congratulations to Dr.Ling Wu on successfully defending her thesis, now post-doc at Michigan state with Lisa Lapidus. More recently she moved to Boehringer Ingelhiem in Connecticut.

July 1,2010 - Congratulations to Dr.Marcelo Nakaema, who first had a faculty position as an Asst. Professor Physics, Universidade Federal de Alfenas, Brazil, and has since moved to Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) in Natal

June 14,2010 - Ning Ge Graduates ! Now in Investment Banking position in Beijing

May 2013: From left to right: Tim Keiderling, Yue Wei, Ge Zhang, Heng "Aurora" Chi, Anjan Roy, Weiying Zhu, Fernando "Ralph" Tobias,