Solid-state NMR methods:

AV3_SSNMR - Bruker AVANCE manual for SSNMR
TS3p5_manual - Topspin 3.5 manual
Pulse_program_manual - NMR Suite pulse sequence manual
Processing_reference - Processing commands
BASH - Extensive list of manuals for everything Bruker NMR

SSNMR_machines - Solid-state NMR spectrometers available for use
Probes - Solid-state NMR instruments probes
Rates - Flat rates used for SSNMR users
VT_manual - Bruker manual for BVT/BCU etc
Puregas_dryer - Manual for Pure_gas/SP Scientific air dryer
Parker_dryer - Manual for Parker_Balston air dryer
Lab_guide - Bruker manual for general maintenance (rf, cortab, field correct)
He_fill - notes on filling the 750wb with Helium
Compressor_RRC - Oil change etc for compressor in RRC basement
Compressor_SES - Oil-free compressor in SES basement
NMR_parts - Tubing, regulators, inserts etc
Calc_Power - Calculate power levels from a given 90 time