Some of solids NMR capabilities include:

Solids_Brochure - Bruker brochure for Solids NMR and why it is useful.

CPMAS - 1D 13C
CPPI - DEPT like editing
MULTICP - quantitative 13C
LGHETCOR - HMQC analogue

This NMR has VT capabilities with a chiller which reaches 270 Kelvin while spinning at 20kHz

rpar_400 --- rpar_750 - List of available expts I put in to use with 'rpar' command and 'macros'
SSNMR_machines - Solid-state NMR spectrometers available for use
Probes - Solid-state NMR instruments probes
Rates - Flat rates used for SSNMR users
AV3_SSNMR - Bruker AVANCE manual for SSNMR, read this for an overview of many experiments available
TS3p5_manual - Topspin 3.5 manual
Topsolids_manual - Topsolids manual

Reviews and tutorials:

standard_organic - Review Modern spin=1/2 (13C etc) experiments
pharma1 - Review Pharmacy based studies of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients
pharma2 - Review Pharmacy based studies for polymorphs and heterogenous samples
pharma3 - Review Drug delivery system effects on APIs
protein_mas - Review Protein NMR
pacc - Review of using paramagnetic doping for fast acquisition. good for small organometallic molecule study
inadequate - Natural abundance (13C/13C 2D correlation) INADEQUATE in solids
cramps - 1H/1H 2D correlation. DQ/SQ CRAMPS which gives distance info. Distinguish API polymorphs
multicp - Quantitative 13C NMR using the multi cpmas method. Determine mixture amounts
polymers - Spiess ACS tutorial on bulk polymers stucture/dynamics
supramolecular - Review structure function of supramolecular systems such as GO and GNRs

cramps_setup - Practical guide to setting CRAMPs expts
inadequate2 - INADEQUATE setup (see Supplemental)
Pulse_program_manual - NMR Suite pulse sequence manual
Processing_reference - Processing commands

Calc_Power - Calculate power levels from a given 90 time
Calc_CP_Match - Calculate matching levels from a given 90 times. Moderate MAS < 40kHz ref1 ref2
Calc_CP_Fast - Double quantum CP condition for fast MAS > 40kHz ref1 ref2
Calc_SELCP_Match - Griffins selective CPMAS (eg N->Ca). Moderate MAS < 40kHz ref1
Reference_SR - Set 13C reference to Adamantane(38.48ppm) and figure 1H and 15N afterwords. reference_pg78
Field_SR - Calculate field drift from 2H Field values and BF. reference_pg78