Solid-state NMR methods:

rpar - List of available expts I put in to use with 'rpar' command
SSNMR_machines - Solid-state NMR spectrometers available for use
Probes - Solid-state NMR instruments probes
Rates - Flat rates used for SSNMR users
AV3_SSNMR - Bruker AVANCE manual for SSNMR, read this for an overview of many experiments available
TS3p5_manual - Topspin 3.5 manual

Reviews and tutorials:

pharma1 - Pharmacy based studies of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients
pharma2 - Pharmacy based studies for polymorphs and heterogenous samples
protein_mas - Protein NMR review
pacc - Review of using paramagnetic doping for fast acquisition. good for small organometallic molecule study

BASH19 - Extensive list of manuals for everything Bruker NMR (2016+)
Pulse_program_manual - NMR Suite pulse sequence manual
Processing_reference - Processing commands
Calc_Power - Calculate power levels from a given 90 time