UIC Chemistry NMR / Facility Policies
Below are listed the rules and regulations pertaining to the use of our NMR Facility.
If you have questions about any of the rules, or would like to receive training in the use
of our NMR equipment, you may contact the NMR Facility Director or the NMR Facility Student Assistant.

Guidelines for the Sign-Up and Use of NMR Time

1. Every Thursday or Friday a sign-up sheet will be posted close to each instrument. Research groups may use this sheet to reserve NMR time for the following week.
2. Each research group is allowed to reserve up to four hours per day during weekdays on each instrument, during the daytime hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Write down the name of your advisor on the sign-up sheet when reserving NMR time.
3. On weekend days, the daily reservation limit is increased to six hours per research group.
4. Each research group is allowed to reserve two overnight slots (7.00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.) on any combination of instruments.
5. On Tuesday of each week, research groups may reserve any number of remaining overnight slots during that week on any combination of instruments.
6. Research groups may not reserve the same time slot on all instruments.
7. If an overnight slot is not reserved as such by 3:00 p.m. of the same day, then hourly sign- up during the overnight period is allowed with a maximum reservation during the overnight slot of six hours per instrument. Hourly reservations during overnight time are not counted as part of the four hour daily reservation limit.
8. NMR users may use any spectrometer indefinitely during time when it is not reserved for use by anyone else (open time). Please be available in person or by phone if you are using open time (leave a note with your phone number on the spectrometer).
9. If another NMR user needs to use the same spectrometer during open time, the first user is obliged to relinquish the spectrometer no later than two hours after being given notice that the spectrometer is needed by another user.
10. NMR users must sign in the logbook before starting work and sign out of the logbook after finishing work.
11. NMR users must start work no later than fifteen minutes after the beginning of their reserved time, otherwise their entire reservation will revert to open time.
12. NMR users may not run over more than ten minutes into another user's reservation. NMR users who repeatedly inconvenience others by running late and/or not using their reserved time will be denied use of the NMR facility.
13. If a user cannot use previously reserved NMR time, the user must cancel the reservation at least one hour prior to the beginning of the reserved time, or the user's research group will be charged for the reserved time.
14. If any user needs a long block of time ( >22 hours, which is one overnight plus eight hours), or a block of time longer than the daily reservation limit during a day, on any instrument, please see Dan so such needs can be worked into the schedule on an individual basis prior to the schedule being posted.
15. Please be aware that there will be times when the NMR staff will need NMR time for maintenance, training, implementing experiments, service work, etc. Your consideration with these matters is appreciated.
Revised 05-2007, DJM.

Important Policies Regarding NMR Usage

It has become apparent that there are some policies regarding the use of the NMR facility which need to be clarified or reiterated. These policies concern:
1. unauthorized spectrometer use; i.e., using spectrometers without being checked out to do so,
2. undocumented spectrometer usage, and
3. use of substandard NMR tubes.
Please keep in mind as you read this that the reason for articulating these policies is to minimize the instrument downtime that can result from unauthorized and/or careless use.
1. Unauthorized spectrometer usage.
POLICY: every person who wants to use a spectrometer by themselves must be explicitly authorized to do so by myself or by a NMR Facility Student Assistant.
This "explicit authorization" will almost always be some kind of monitored check-out, in which the person demonstrates to the NMR staff that he/she can use the spectrometer in question, without assistance from another person, and without endangering either themselves or the spectrometer.
2. Undocumented spectrometer usage.
POLICY: every person who uses a spectrometer must document that usage on the logsheet.
This must be done regardless of the length of time the spectrometer was used, or the time of day it was used, etc. Everyone must be diligent about documenting spectrometer usage.
3. Use of substandard NMR tubes.
POLICY: only Wilmad 507PP or better (e.g.528PP) NMR tubes, or their equivalent, are approved for use in our NMR Facility.
The "thrift" NMR tubes that are available from some vendors are not allowed in any of the NMR Facility spectrometers. In addition, any NMR tube which does not fit snugly into the spinner turbine is not allowed. I strongly recommend the use of Wilmad 528PP tubes for the new Bruker Avance spectrometers and the Bruker AM-400, and Wilmad 507PP (or better) tubes for use in the Bruker AC-200 and the Varian Mercury-Vx-300. Note that the use of a substandard NMR tube can damage the NMR spectrometer's probe. Repair of probe damage resulting from the use of a substandard NMR tube will be charged to the research group responsible for the damage.
In summary, you are expected to remember and adhere to the following policies:
· Unauthorized use of the spectrometers will result in suspension or denial of user privileges
· Undocumented use of the spectrometers will result in suspension of user privileges
· Use of substandard NMR tubes in the spectrometers will result in suspension of user privileges.

- Revised 05-2007, DJM.