MNova Software Download

UIC has purchased a campus license (150 total) for the university. The software will run in the Windows, Mac and Linux OS environments.


  1. License - Download and save the license somewhere onto your computer. If your browser opens the link as a text file, right-click the link and select “Save Link (or Target) As…”
  2. License - Try this license if you keep getting "cannot connect to server errors".
  3. MNova Program - Download the software for your system.
  4. After installing and starting Mnova, Go to Help | Evaluate/Buy, Choose “Activate”, then navigate to the files you saved in step 1. You will need to be connected to the UIC network thru the VPN Client (below) or thru direct ethernet connection (LAN) when you activate the license. UIC_VPN_CLIENT

Trouble shooting:

  • microsoft_net - "Microsoft.NET 2.0 is not installed on this PC ....", try this video.
  • faq - Also see FAQ page for MNova.
  • If you are getting "cannot connect to the server" errors please try using the VPN client. This seems to be especially true for Windows systems.
  • Be sure the license is saved with the ".lic" extension and nothing else. If not then MNova won't be able to read the file.
  • No versions newer than MNova 14.2.3.