Selected Experiments:

topspin_1p3 - TOPSPIN manual for RRC
topspin_2p1 - TOPSPIN manual for SEL
Processing_reference - TOPSPIN manual for processing commands
BASH19 - Extensive list of manuals for everything Bruker NMR (2016+)
practical_nmr_book - UIC eBook which is quite useful (Richards & Hollerton, 2010)
other_nuclei - NMR periodic table listing all available nuclei, their chemical shifts, etc

sample_prep - how to prepare a sample properly
Basic_expts - Standard 1D/2D (1H/13C/DEPTS/HMQC/COSY)
data_transfer - access the data remotely
data_processing - Licensed iNMR and other software - AVAILABLE FREE FOR ALL CHEMISTRY GROUPS!
software_available - Additional software on the NMR machines

rpar/prosol - all available expts thru rpar (ours) and prosol (Bruker standard)
1H - 1D 1H
13C - 1D 13C
19F - 1D 19F
2H - 1D 2H
1H_water_supp - 1D 1H with Water Suppression
1D_selective_NOESY - 1D 1H selective NOESY (correlations through space, dipolar mechanism)
1D_selective_TOCSY - 1D 1H selective TOCSY(correlations through bonds, 3J couplings)
psyche - 1D 1H without J-coupling. Chemical shift is only seen.
anti z-cosy - 2D 1H J-resolved (chemical shift on F2; J-coupling on F1). Extract J-coupling free 1D 1H
pKa_method - pKa measurements from 1D 1H sample in water. Stacked plots too
kinetics - pseudo 2D kinetics routine; monitor a rxn etc

2D Guide - 2D correlations seen thru J-coupling as illustrated on a structure

VT - How to change the sample temperature
multizg - why are you sitting there :) run multiple expts automatically
txt - Convert the NMR spectrum into XY text file. Easy to read into excel or other graphing programs.
noesy_notes - some practical guidelines for 2D NOESY
DOSY_manually - setup and process DOSY manually using some scripts that i've written. uses XMGR and GLOVE software (all provided) within and works on Linux systems only
DOSY_automated - setup and process DOSY using Brukers Topspin