Welcome to the Glusac Lab! We are a physical organic chemistry research group that studies metal-free catalytic motifs for solar fuels applications. Our research labs are located at two institutions: University of Illinois at Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. Please browse our web site to learn more about us.


University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Chemistry
845 W Taylor Street,Chicago, IL 60607
Ksenija's Office: 5105 SES;
e-mail: glusac@uic.edu
Tel: +1 312 413 8867

Student Office: 5404 SES
Wet Labs: SES 5115 and 4317

Argonne National Laboratory
Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division
9700 S. Cass Avenue, Argonne, IL 60439
Ksenija's Office: 200-D179;
e-mail: glusac@anl.gov
Tel: +1 630 252 3341

Student Office: 200-D183
Wet Lab: 200-D150
Laser Lab: 241-A013