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The department maintains shared-use facilities equipped with FT-IR (Mattson), UV-Vis-near IR (Cary 17 and OLIS-Cary 14), circular dichroism (Jasco 600), and fluorescence (steady-state and time-dependent, SLM-Aminco) spectrometers. A polarimeter Uasco) and a high-resolution Raman system including a microscope (J-Y Raman) are also shared. Our biochemical facilities include a scintillation counter, microbial and tissue culture facilities, incubators, three ultracentrifuges, several standard centrifuges, darkroom facilities, and photochemical reactors. The department also has a high-pressure laboratory.

Much of the department's equipment is localized in specialized laboratories operated by individual research groups.

The Dynamic Light- Scattering Laboratory has Ar ion and He-Ne lasers and photon-counting instrumentation used for measuring translation diffusion coefficients and for monitoring internal fluctuations of macromolecules.

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